• Michelle Norwood

Don’t Leave Your Future Husband Hanging.

While the guys put a lost of thought into getting the ladies engagement ring, ladies we need step our game up! On a recent trip to NYC I stopped in to Tiffanys with one of my wonderful brides to chose a ring for her betrothed. Looking at all the options it suddenly occurred to me that the men often get the shaft when its comes to their rings.

Back in the day grooms may have opted for a simple flat gold band, but times are a-changing. Modern grooms have the option to show some personality with their wedding band.

Wedding band materials, styles and trends have come along way from the basic gold band.

Platinum, Titanium, Tungsten, Stainless steel, Black, Wood Grain, the options are...well endless.

After all you want his ring to get just as must attention as yours..right?

For your groom - spend on the one ring he will have forever and get a ring he’ll love just as much as you love yours.

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